RT-SPW-ROUTER Radiation-Tolerant SpaceWire Router


Note: The RT-SPW-ROUTER product for RT-ProASIC3 devices has been discontinued.

The Radiation-Tolerant SpaceWire Router (RT-SPW-ROUTER) family is available as standard components using the Actel RTAX Field Programmable Gate Arrays. The fault tolerant design of the router in combination with the radiation tolerant FPGA makes it ideally suited for space and other high-rel applications.

The router implements a routing switch as defined in the ECSS-E-ST-50-12C standard, supporting all mandatory and optional features. It implements up to ten external routing ports and a mandatory configuration port. The configuration port provides access to configuration and status registers and the routing table using the Remote Memory Access Protocol (RMAP) defined in ECSS-E-ST-50-52C.


RT-SPW-ROUTER functionality

The router implements a non-blocking switch matrix which can connect any input port to any output port. All the addressing modes such as path, logical and regional logical are supported. Group adaptive routing is fully supported, meaning that both path and logical addresses can be individually configured to use from one up to all ports. A unique feature is the support for packet distribution, which can be used to implement multicast and broadcast addresses. Output ports are arbitrated using two priority levels with a round-robin scheme within each level.

System-time distribution is fully supported on all the different port types. Time-code reception can be individually disabled per port or globally. Control flag filtering can be optionally enabled.

A wide range of configuration registers and signals are provided allowing the user to have full control of the router, for example to disable configuration accesses from certain ports or to filter time-code propagation.

The 10x SpaceWire router implements 8 external SpaceWire ports and 2 external FIFO ports.

The 6x SpaceWire router implements 4 external SpaceWire ports and a PCI initiator and target interface (32-bit, 33 MHz) accessed via two internal AMBA ports with DMA and RMAP.

Standard configurations

Configuration ID (CID) 1 2
Description 10x SpaceWire Router 6x SpaceWire Router with PCI
SpaceWire ports 8 4
FIFO ports 2  
AMBA ports with RMAP   2
Configuration port with RMAP Yes Yes
Configuration port with AMBA   Yes
PCI Initiator/Target   Yes
PCI Interrupt Controller   Yes
FPGA and package RTAX2000S/SL CCGA624 RTAX2000S/SL CCGA624
SpaceWire Physical Layer LVTTL LVTTL
  LVDS (on-chip) LVDS (on-chip)

Performance and power

The SpaceWire ports can support up to 200 MBPS in both directions per link over the full military temperature range. The power consumption depends on the application and is typically 500 mW at full load (TBD).

Custom configurations

In addition to the pre-defined configurations, it is possible to order RT-SPW-ROUTER devices with custom configurations. Such configuration can also include IP core from the GRLIB IP library which are not listed above. An NRE cost will be charged for the development of each custom configuration.

Packaging, quality and lead time

The pre-programmed Actel RTAX devices are shipped in all quality levels supported by Actel. Supported packages are CQFP352 and CCGA624. For prices and lead times, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..