We have an established quality system ensuring the documentation, revision control and validation of the products. The quality system follows the stringent requirements of the European Space Agency (ESA). Each product that is released is validated and qualified according to this system, thus automatically giving space quality also for the products used on the commercial market.

To further strengthen the quality it is our policy to provide our products in open source. This gives a fast and large feedback from the IP community when launching new products, enabling a short time from beta to final version. The feedback also helps us to early in the product life cycle correct design flaws and implement improvements.

The Quality System promotes best practice and continuous improvement in accordance with our Quality Policy:


Customer Focus
Fulfil customers' needs and expectations
Answer customer questions within two working days
All deliveries to customers on time

Product Focus
Verify that all products and services meet requirements
Regular updates providing customers with improvements

Performance Focus
Continuously improve the performance of products and services