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Before you use the GPL version of GRLIB, please make sure that you read and understand the GPL license.

Please also see the GRLIB IP Library Overview, GRLIB IP Library - Microchip, GRLIB IP Library - Xilinx and GRLIB IP Library - Lattice support pages.

Answers to common licensing questions can be found at our license FAQ section and technical questions on GRLIB-GPL can be posted at the Discourse.

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GRLIB IP Library File
GRLIB source code grlib-gpl-2024.2-b4293.tar.gz   (Changelog.txt) 15-Jul-2024
GRLIB User's Manual grlib.pdf 15-Jul-2024
GRLIB IP Cores Manual grip.pdf 15-Jul-2024
LEON/GRLIB Configuration Guide guide.pdf 15-Jul-2024
Excel sheet for SOC area estimation grlib_area.xls 15-Jul-2024
Additional GRLIB components*    
GRFPU netlists for Xilinx and Altera grlib-netlists-gpl-2024.2.tar.gz (license) 15-Jul-2024
FPGA bitfiles for GRLIB template designs grlib-bitfiles-gpl-2024.2.tar.gz 15-Jul-2024

 *To install additional components, untar the packages inside GRLIB

Documentation File
SPARC V8 Manual sparcv8.pdf -
SPARC V8 System V ABI sparc-abi.pdf -
Sun SPARC Assembler Manual 816-1681.pdf -