TSIM3 LEON4 See TSIM3 and TSIM3-LEON4 product pages
TSIM3 LEON3 See TSIM3 and TSIM3-LEON3 product pages
TSIM3 LEON2 See TSIM3 and TSIM3-LEON2 product pages
TSIM3 GR716 See TSIM3 and TSIM3-GR716 product pages

Maintenance is included in the license for the first 12 months, updates are made available for download during this period. The licensee may extend the maintenance upon payment of an yearly maintenance fee.

The TSIM3 LEON4 license is capable of simulating the quad-core GR740 device.

The TSIM3 LEON3 license is capable of simulating all LEON3 devices, including the dual-core GR712RC, UT700/699E, UT699, GR716 and GR716B. The GR716 license only support the GR716A and GR716B devices but is available at a reduced price.

See Ordering simulators for more details.