GR-CPCI-GR740 Quad-Core LEON4FT Development Board

The GR-CPCI-GR740 development board has been designed to support the development and fast prototyping of systems based on the GR740 quad-core 32-bit fault-tolerant LEON4FT SPARC V8 processor.

The GR-CPCI-GR740 Development Board comprises a custom-designed PCB in a 6U Compact PCI format, making the board suitable for stand-alone bench-top development, or if required, to be mounted in a 6U CPCI Rack, or in a bench-top enclosure. The principle interfaces and functions are accessible on the front and back edges of the board, and secondary interfaces via headers on the board. The  GR-CPCI-GR740 Development Board comes as standard with a dedicated accessory board which provides access to additional I/O interfaces.


  • GR740 quad-core 32-bit fault-tolerant LEON4FT SPARC V8 processor
  • cPCI interface (32 bit) configurable with jumpers for Host or Peripheral operation
  • PCI arbiter implemented in separate FPGA
  • On-board memory:
    • SDRAM SODIMM module - Delivered with two 256 MiB modules that provide a total 256 MiB of accessible data RAM plus ECC check bits.
    • Parallel Boot Flash 64 Mbit (16 bit wide x 4M or 8 bit wide x 8M)
    • Additional memory via memory expansion connector
  • Power, reset, clock and auxiliary circuits
  • Interfaces at front edge of board:
    • Dual RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbit GMII/MII Ethernet interface (KSZ9021GN)
    • 8 port SpaceWire interface (8x MDM9S)
    • SpaceWire debug communications link (MDM9S)
    • 16-bit General purpose I/O (34 pin 0.1" ribbon cable style connector)
    • FTDI Serial to USB interface (FT4232HL with USB-Mini-AB)
    • LED indicators connected to GPIO signals
    • DIP switch for bootstrap and PLL interface configuration
    • Push button switch for reset and toggle switch (on/off) for DSU break
  • Interfaces at back edge of board:
    • Compact PCI interface (32-bit), configurable for Host or Peripheral slot
    • Input power connector: 5V nominal
  • Interfaces on-board:
    • SPI  interface on pin headers
    • JTAG Debug interface
    • 4-pin IDE style power connector
    • Assorted jumpers and Test Points for configuration and test of the board
  • To accommodate the optional/alternative I/O interfaces the accompanying accessory board provides
    • Dual MIL-1553 Interface (Transceiver/Transformer and D-sub 9 Male connector)
    • Dual CAN Interface (CAN Transceivers and two D-sub 9 Male connectors)
    • Two Serial UART (RS232 transceivers and two D-sub 9 female connectors)
    • SPI interface (available via 10 pin header)

GR-CPCI-GR740 Development Board

GR-CPCI-GR740 Development Board and GR-ACC-GR740 Interface board

Box integrating GR-CPCI-GR740 and GR-ACC-GR740 (front panel)

Box integrating GR-CPCI-GR740 and GR-ACC-GR740 (back panel)






GR740 device information

GR740 product page

GR-CPCI-GR740 User's Manual

altGR-CPCI-GR740-UM.pdf (May 2019)

GR-CPCI-GR740 Quick Start Guide

altqsg_740.pdf (August 2023)

GR-CPCI-GR740 Quick Start Guide Board Package (May 2017)

GR-CPCI-GR740 Documentation Archive (password protected) (February 2019)

GR-CPCI-GR740 Letter of Volatility

GR-CPCI-GR740-LOV (September 2023)


Development Kit Contents of the kits GR-CPCI-GR740 and GR-CPCI-GR740-BOX

Development Board GR-CPCI-GR740 Development Board
Accessory Board GR-ACC-GR740 Interface Board
Enclosure (GR-CPCI-GR740-BOX only) Box integrating GR-CPCI-GR740 and GR-ACC-GR740
Cable Set
  • Power Supply, 100-240V AC to 5V DC, plug in type
  • USB-A to MiniAB cable
  • Ethernet Patch Cable
  • Set of 4 PCI Bridge PCB's (GR-CPCI-GR740 only)
  • Set of 2 brackets to mount Interface board (GR-CPCI-GR740 only)