The GR-VPX-XCKU060 carrier board and the GR-HPCB-FMC-M2 mezzanine board are developed as part of the High-Performance Compute Board project. This is an ongoing project and the information on this page are preliminary specifications.


The GR-VPX-XCKU060 board features a Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale 060 FPGA and a GR716 microcontroller acting as a supervisor for the FPGA.

The FPGA development board GR-VPX-XCKU060 has the following features:

  • Xilinx XCKU060, in 1517 pin FCBGA package
  • GR716B (initially with GR716A) microcontroller
  • SODIMM DDR3 up to 8 GiB
  • SPI flash for FPGA configuration (512 Mbit), for GR716 boot (256 Mbit), and for data (256 Mbit)
  • Power, Reset, Clock and Auxiliary circuits
  • Three FMC Mezzanine expansion connectors
  • Scrubbing interface for FPGA
  • Backplane I/F: SpaceWire (control), SpaceFibre (data), VPX utility management
  • Frontplane I/F and drivers: 4x SpaceFibre, 2x SpaceWire, USB/FTDI UART/JTAG Links, USB I/F to FMC
  • OpenVPX compatible, 6U format, Payload profile

The GR-HPCB-FMC-M2 mezzanine has been designed for use with the GR-VPX-XCKU060 carrier board and has the following features:

  • Intel Myriad2 MA2450
  • SPI flash 256 Mbit for optional boot mode
  • Local supply and power sequencing
  • Latch-up protection evaluation circuitry
  • The mezzanine board is intended for prototyping only


  • Product sheet / collateral expected in Q1 2021
  • Development board availability expected Q2 2021