Debug Tools

We provide two debug monitors for the SPARC compliant LEON2, LEON3, LEON4, LEON5 and the RISC-V compliant NOEL-V processors. Using the debug monitors it is possible to develop and debug target applications on the real hardware.

GRMON is a debug monitor for the LEON Debug Support Unit (DSU), or the NOEL-V Debug Module, providing a non-intrusive debug environment on real target hardware. The LEON DSU, or the NOEL-V Debug Module, can be controlled through any AMBA AHB master in a system-on-chip design and GRMON therefore supports communication through a large number of interfaces.

GRMON2 has been redesigned to allow a graphical user interface and multiple sources of execution control. The new version named GRMON3. It is possible to upgrade an existing GRMON2 license to the new GRMON3. The GRMON3 license includes GRMON2.

GRMON2 will continue to be maintained during 2018 with respect to resolution of potential bugs, while features and new cores in the GRLIB IP core library will be integrated in GRMON3 only.