GRLIB SoC Library - Lattice

GRLIB IP Library - Lattice support

The GRLIB IP library supports SoC designs targeting the Nexus FPGA platform from Lattice Semiconductor and the Certus-NX-RT/UT24C407 and CertusPro-NX-RT/UT24C1007 FPGAs

The GRLIB IP Library is an integrated set of reusable IP cores, designed for system-on-chip (SoC) development. The modular SoC designs are built from IP cores with common on-chip bus interfaces and use a coherent method for simulation and synthesis. The library is vendor independent, with support for different CAD tools and target technologies. A unique plug&play method is used to configure and connect the IP cores without the need to modify any global resources. The library includes several processor models, including the fault-tolerant LEON3FT 32-bit SPARC V8 and the NOEL-V RISC-V processor models.

Designs based on the GRLIB IP library are highly portable between target technologies and both target technology adaptions and template designs are available for Lattice Nexus FPGAs. The library infrastructure provides project generation support for the Lattice Radiant software environment.


Lattice Nexus technology support roadmap for 2023
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4


Initial support

GRLIB COM support 
Experimental FT-FPGA support

GR740-MINI board
Space SoC reference design

Lattice Propel integration


Complete Nexus technology mapping and project file generation support. 

Timing optimizations of GRLIB IP for Lattice FPGAs. Validation of processor IP on Lattice Nexus FPGAs

PRE-built bitstreams:

LEON3 - Certus-NX Versa LEON3 - CertusPRO-NX

GR740-MINI board with
pre-built bitstream for CertusPRO-NX. 

 Design recommendations for radiation mitigation of SoC designs in Lattice FPGAs.

Lattice Propel integration of standalone IPs

Available IP cores




NOEL-V (MC32 configuration)


 Template designs

LEON3 in CrossLink-NX Evaluation Board

LEON3 in Certus-NX Versa Evaluation Board

LEON3 in CertusPRO-NX Versa Evaluation Board

FPGA reference designs showing guidelines for a traditional SoC system for space applications.

SoC for GR740-MINI board

NOEL-V in CertusPRO-NX Versa Evaluation Board

Target users

Early access customers

Users who want to apply GRLIB and Lattice for terrestrial applications and user who do not require validated mitigation against radiation effects.

Users who want to use Lattice FPGAs in harsh environments.

Existing Lattice users, accustomed to the Lattice Propel flow.

 The area of the different IPs in Nexus FPGA is available in the grlib_area, a spreadsheet for SoC area estimation.

GRLIB with support for Lattice Nexus FPGAs is currently available under an evaluation license. GRLIB is also available in a free open-source variant. The free open-source version does currently not include the Lattice technology support.

GRLIB contains template designs for several FPGA boards (the set of included template designs changes with type of GRLIB distribution). A list of supported boards is available in the GRLIB IP Library User's ManualGRLIB documentation and downloads are available via the GRLIB IP Library product page.


Contact us if you want to evaluate GRLIB on Lattice FPGAs.