GR712RC Dual-Core LEON3-FT Development Board

The GR712RC development board has been designed to support the development and fast prototyping of systems based on our GR712RC dual-core 32-bit fault tolerant LEON3FT SPARC V8 processor.

The GR712RC development board comprises a custom designed PCB in a Double Eurocard format (233.5 mm x 160 mm) making the board suitable for stand-alone bench top development, or suitable for mounting in a housing. The principle interfaces and functions are accessible on the front and back edges of the the board.

The GR712RC device incorporates an internal programmable switch matrix which means that the same input/output pin can be used for multiple functions. This board therefore has a large number of configuration features in order to be able to exercise and configure the functions of the device.

GR712RC development board


  • GR712RC dual-core 32-bit fault tolerant LEON3-FT SPARC V8 processor
  • On-board memory:
    • SDRAM SODIMM (supports up 512 Mbyte devices. Delivered with 256 Mbyte module -  128 Mbyte 32-bit wide data & 64 Mbyte BCH 8-bit wide or Reed-Solomon 16-bit wide checksum)
    • SRAM (1 bank x 2 Mword x 40 bit, optional second bank not fitted as standard)
    • FLASH PROM (8 Mword x 8 bit)
    • Additional memory via memory expansion connector
  • Power, reset, clock and auxiliary circuits
  • Interfaces at front edge of board:
    • Two serial UART interfaces (RS232) with DSUB9 connectors
    • Ethernet 10/100 Mbps RMII interface with RJ45 connector
    • Two CAN bus interfaces (ISO 11898) with DSUB9 connectors
    • Two SpaceWire interfaces with MDM9 connectors
    • Four optional SpaceWire interfaces with MDM9 connectors
    • JTAG debug interface
  • Interfaces at back edge of board:
    • +5 V power connector
    • 26 input and 38 input/output general purpose pins
    • 20 RS422 transmit pairs
    • 28 RS422 receiver pairs
  • Interfaces on-board:
    • Dual MIL-STD-1553B communication interfaces on DSUB9 connector
    • I2C master interface on pin headers
    • SPI master interface on pin headers
    • Headers and jumpers
    • Reset push button and LED indicators


Document File
GR712RC-BOARD User's Manual altgr712rc-board.pdf
GR712RC-BOARD Product Brochure altgr712rc-board_productsheet.pdf
GR712RC-BOARD Quick Start Guide altqsg_gr712.pdf
GR712RC-BOARD CD image GR712-BOARD_2018.iso (Password protected)
GR712RC device information  
GR712RC-BOARD Letter of Volatility GR712RC-BOARD-LOV.pdf


Development Kit Contents

Development Board:
  • GR712-BOARD Development Board
Cable Set:
  • Power Supply, 100-240V AC to 5V DC, plug in type
  • Serial Cable 1:1 type (M-F)
  • USB-A to MiniAB cable
  • Ethernet Patch Cable