We provide high-performance behavioural simulators of the LEON and ERC32 processors. The simulators are developed for near-real time performance and accurate behaviour. Using the simulators, it is possible to develop and debug target applications before the real hardware is available, thereby shortening the product development cycle.

Two types of simulators are provided: TSIM and GRSIM. The TSIM simulator emulates a single-processor computer system based on either the ERC32 or LEON processors. It can be extended to emulate custom I/O functions through loadable modules. The GRSIM simulator emulates a LEON2 or a multi-processor LEON3 or LEON4 system, and has a more accurate modelling of the AMBA buses. It is time-based rather that instruction-based (as TSIM). Both simulators can be extended by user modules and can be used as libraries. They can in that way be used as parts of larger simulation frameworks.

The TSIM3 simulator allows simulation of multi-core LEON system like GR740 and GR712RC and introduces many other new features. TSIM3 GR716 only simulates the GR716A and GR716B while the TSIM3 LEON3 simulates multi-core GR712RC as well as GR716A, GR716B, UT699, UT699E, UT700 and a generic configurable LEON3. The TSIM3 LEON4 simulates GR740 with its quad-core LEON4. TSIM3 LEON2 simulates AT697E and a  generic configurable LEON2.

Product descriptions

TSIM3 LEON simulator

TSIM2 ERC32/LEON simulator