Software Libraries

This page provides a brief overview of additional software components and libraries to the Operating System and Compilers we provide. They aim simplify the integration and use of our LEON and NOEL-V processor families with the supported software OS environments:

LEON NOEL-V Operating Environment License
TM/TC Software Stack API  ✔   VxWorks, RTEMS, Linux(1) Commercial
RTEMS-5 File System backend for Flash memories (2) RTEMS Commercial
  1) Certain limitations or differences apply
  2) Architecture unspecific, but not tested

TM/TC Software Stack API

Implements a Software Stack for received and transmitting TM/TC using the CCSDS/ECSS hardware IPs for RTEMS, VxWorks and Linux in LEON environment. The hardware IPs are available for custom FPGA/SoC designs with an integrated processor or commanded over SpaceWire/RMAP but can also be found in some of our processor component, for example the GR712RC TM/TC interface is supported by this software library. For more information contact

RTEMS-5 File System backend for parallel FLASH memories

This software package implements the backend to the file system layers of RTEMS-5 for certain NOR FLASH memory components. This allows for example JFFS2 file system with LEON devices using the GRLIB FTMCTRL memory controller such as GR712RC, GR740, UT700. The following FLASH configurations over the PROM interface without EDAC are supported but can be adapted to support other configurations:

  • 1x8-bit (AMD and Intel Style programming)
  • 2x16-bit (AMD Style programming)

The Software implementation in source code, Basic Documentation, Example, and integration to the RTEMS-5 filesystem test-suite are provided. Provided is also a test report of the GR712RC with 2xUT8QNF8M8 using the JFFS2 file system.

Software licensing

The software packages listed on this page require a commercial license, unless otherwise stated. The license terms differ between the products. For license inquiries please contact for more information.