LEON/NOEL-V C/C++ IDE for Eclipse


Software IDE quick-start guide

We provide a quick-start guide on how to setup the Eclipse framework or Microsoft Visual Code to be used for the development of LEON/NOEL-V applications, together with a GCC tool-chain. The document shows how to make it possible to cross-compile C/C++ application for the processor family, and to debug them either in a simulator (TSIM) or on a target hardware (GRMON).


System requirements

For additional requirements see the document, tool-chain documentation and Eclipse documentation or the Microsoft Visual Code documentation.


See the tool-chain documentation and Eclipse documentation or the Microsoft Visual Code documentation.


The LIDE plugin - Deprecated

We provide an old deprecated plugin for the Eclipse Kepler framework, which allows the C Development Tooling (CDT) to be used for the development of LEON applications. The plugin makes it possible to cross-compile C and C++ application for LEON , and to debug them either in a simulator (TSIM) or on a target hardware (GRMON). The plugin is provided as is and is provided free of charge. No technical support will be provided.

System requirements

  • Unix or windows workstation
  • Eclipse 4.3.0 Kepler
  • CDT
  • MinGW (on Windows hosts)
  • BCC 1.0.29 and/or RCC 1.0.15 or later
  • GRMON version 1.1.19 or later


First install ECLIPSE and CDT. Then, use the update manager in eclipse to install the plugin:

  • Select Help->Software Updates->Find and Install...
  • Select Search for new features to install..., press next
  • Press New Remote Site and specify Name: GAISLER and URL: http://gaisler.com/eclipse/lide_kepler
  • Press Finish, this will search the update sites and check for features/updates.
  • A dialog box will appear that lets you select the plugins available.

Eclipse must be restarted before the new plugin is recognized. 

The paths to the BCC/RCC tool-chains must be added environment variable PATH.